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Bolsterup is the first digital ecosystem that brings all the players of the construction industry together under one roof; providing a digital blueprint of completed and upcoming projects, featuring contributors, their capabilities, products, and services.

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Showcase Your
Best Work

Demonstrate your excellence through a professional digital portfolio, attract high-value clients and propel your industry standing.

Easy-to-use interface: Quickly curate and update your portfolio
Impactful design: Make your work stand out
Real-time updates: Always stay current

Make Yourself Discoverable

Multiply your market presence by tapping into our interconnected construction ecosystem. Link your products, services, and projects to new clients, expanding your reach and potential.

Optimized presence: Be found easily
Intelligent linking: Broaden your exposure
Passive Visibility: Get showcased automatically

Uncover New Opportunities

Tap into a wealth of potential by connecting with a diverse network of top-tier industry professionals, triggering lucrative projects, and fruitful collaborations.

Project discovery: Find your next big project
Collaboration made easy: Foster partnerships seamlessly and drive growth
Wide-ranging networking: Connect with industry leaders
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A robust set of features

Discover a powerful suite of features, tailored for growth and success in the construction ecosystem

Interactive Project Map

Explore current, past, and upcoming projects and find what interests you - from high-rises in Dubai to steel structures, all within your reach.

Digital Portfolio Management

Easily create and maintain a standout portfolio. Our intuitive platform makes showcasing your best work a breeze.

Smart Project Discovery

Find construction projects that fit your expertise. Our smart algorithms ensure you connect with the right opportunities.

Direct Business Communication

Connect instantly within our platform. From specific suppliers to specialized engineers, start discussions, arrange meetings, or request quotes effortlessly.

Sustainability Indexing

Minimize your carbon footprint; find eco-friendly products and local businesses. Reduce environmental impact and support local communities.

Industry-Specific Networking

Connect with professionals from all corners of the construction industry. Our ecosystem fosters collaboration and growth, seamlessly.

Who is it for?

Are you doing any work that's related to the completion of a construction project? Whether it's design, build, supply or operate, Bolsterup is for you.

For Architects

Turn blueprints into landmarks with Bolsterup. Display your design prowess, find the perfect project partners, and connect with local suppliers to minimize costs and maximize efficiency. Bolsterup – where your designs speak for themselves.

For Engineers

Spotlight your skills and build bridges to new collaborations with Bolsterup. Showcase your expertise, from structural design to sustainable solutions, to a global audience. With Bolsterup, your engineering feats earn the recognition they deserve.

For Suppliers

Bolsterup is your launchpad to industry-wide visibility. Directly market your offerings to industry professionals, highlight your innovative products and watch your clientele grow. Welcome to smarter business growth.


Assemble your all-star construction team with Bolsterup. Scan portfolios, review past projects, and connect directly for discussions. Support sustainability and reduce costs with local options. Your vision, powered by Bolsterup.


Bolsterup is your command center for efficient construction planning. Source local suppliers, connect with specialists, and stay ahead of innovative trends. Streamline your team building workflow, ensure project success and build smarter.

How it works

Create an account as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Hop Onboard

Jump on a quick demo with our team and step into the digital construction future with a few quick clicks.

2. Create Your Unique Professional Stamp

Highlight your expertise and showcase your best work. From projects and services to products, let the industry discover what you bring to the table.

3. Drive Success

Navigate the ecosystem, discover potential collaborators, and spark meaningful conversations. Propel your business to new heights with unprecedented collaborations and projects.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can Bolsterup benefit me?

Bolsterup offers various benefits depending on your role in the construction industry. It provides a professional platform to showcase your work, enhances your discoverability through a unique, interconnected network of construction projects, and uncovers new business opportunities by connecting you with a diverse range of industry professionals.

How do I sign up for Bolsterup?

Signing up for Bolsterup is easy and straightforward. Simply visit our homepage, click on the 'Get Started' button, fill in your details, and voila! You're now part of a global construction network.

How do I make my work or business discoverable on Bolsterup?

Bolsterup is designed to make your work more discoverable automatically. By creating your profile and adding your projects or services, you automatically become a part of our interconnected construction ecosystem, visible to other professionals, clients, and collaborators.

Do you offer a free trial?

While we don't offer a traditional free trial, at Bolsterup, we firmly believe in the value and benefits our platform offers to construction industry professionals. Therefore, we provide a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means you have two whole months to experience all the benefits of Bolsterup without any risk.We choose this approach because we've found it encourages users to fully explore and engage with our platform's features, which in turn helps them extract the maximum value from their membership. Our aim is to provide a tool that truly supports your growth in the construction industry, and we're confident that once you've experienced Bolsterup, you'll see the benefits. However, if for any reason you're not satisfied within your first 60 days, we're committed to refunding your subscription fee.

How does Bolsterup ensure the quality of projects and professionals on its platform?

Bolsterup is committed to maintaining high standards. We verify all professionals and businesses that join our platform and conduct regular checks to ensure the quality and reliability of projects and services featured on our platform.

Can I reach out directly to a business or professional on Bolsterup?

Yes, Bolsterup encourages direct communication between users. If you find a business or professional you're interested in, you can reach out directly via our platform to enquire, arrange a meeting, or request a quote.

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